‘’I was introduced to Construction Reclaims by my employer after countless failed attempts to battle with the bank, trying to claim back what I was already entitled to! Soon after, I got in touch with these guys and they have taken control of everything for me, I received £ 2,650 within 10 weeks, and I can say I will be using them again from now on at the start of every tax year! “


‘I’ve been working in the Construction Industry for years, I decided to turn PAYE in 2008 for work commitment reasons, however little did I know it would entitle me to claim back £4,840 for my miles covered since 2010, I have driven all around the North West to and from work daily, since I can remember and it’s tiring to say the least! It’s good to see a little reward in my back pocket for work that gets put in.”


“My husband and I run a roofing company, who sub contract work where possible around Manchester, and the surrounding area. We saw an advert online about this company, Construction Reclaims, and thought we ought to see what they could do for us, and the 10 lads we have working for us. All together, we have received a massive £8,910 and not only that but the service was so professional and courteous. We dealt directly with the Company Director Paul, who made the whole process so simple and hassle free. Never in our wildest dreams did we expect this outcome, I honestly recommend this company to everyone who can claim.”


“Firstly I want to thank Thomas from Construction Reclaims for handling my case so diligently and professionally. From start to finish, I was regularly updated on the progress of my refund. I think it was 9 weeks later when I checked my bank account and had received £3106.33, a holiday with the kids paid for!”


“I am a salesperson for a housing company in Merseyside, working in showrooms on our site estates. I knew all the lads working on the site had been using the Construction Reclaims after a guy had visited them with information leaflets. After reading up online I thought I might see if I may be eligible myself. Having worked on the same site for no longer than 2 years, just like the rest of the lads, I too managed to get a tax refund! I received just under £1,600.”